What is MSSQL Database?

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Before MSSQL, it is better to mention what database is.





Simply, it is a collection of regular data. In the broad terms, we call the database, which allows the storage of data that are related to each other in some way for many purposes. For more information about the database, you can read the Article "What is DATABASE".



MSSQL is a database type created by Microsoft. MSSQL can usually be confused with MYSQL. Although MYSQL is open-source software, MSSQL is a paid system. If programmers use a database on the web or desktop programming, first they need to decide which type of database system to use. It depends on the needs. Some of them choose Access as required by the program, while others select one of the database systems, such as MSSQL or MYSQL, which also depends on the needs of the program. So MSSQL is actually a database type.

On which systems MSSQL can work 

If you choose to use MSSQL in your project, basically you need a program to create, manage and design this database. The name of this program is SQL Server 2008 R2. or you can see your business in SQL Server 2008 Express Edition, where you can do more limited operations. Through these programs, you can create a database of MSSQL type and design the database by making the necessary settings. Briefly, you design the database.

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How different from Access 


You may ask yourself " Microsoft Access is also a database management program" Yes it is also a database management program, but not like  MSSQL.  MSSQL runs on a server. So a database that you create is actually created on the server. In contrast, Access is a portable database that is created by the user on a desktop computer. In MSSQL, you create the database on the server and design it on the server again. Controlling from the center is essential.

Everyone is connected to a common database, and the data is transmitted from this source to the user. Access is a bit deficient in this meaning. In addition, MSSQL, which has a more stable structure, gives Microsoft Access a boost in terms of the data it stores. MSSQL web design works much faster with ASP and ASP.NET pages. Because they are both developed by the same company and they work as I mentioned before.


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