The anticipated question “What is ID the session?”

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Session means a signing up for a website. ID session is a session object. When visitors demand or request a page from the server,  how can it distinguish these different sessions from each other? Here is a unique value generated by a special algorithm is used to identify the session owners on Asp.Net servers. These descriptive values are called SessionID. Here is a twitter page which leads you a session when you have signed up.

Twitter Sign Up Page

With ID sessions, we can reach the same content via different links which search engines never like. Here is admin session and the link refers to the content “Informative”

Admin Session

Here is user session below and the link refers to the same content “Informative” but with a different URL.

User Session

With the help of Session objects, the session information of the users can be moved between the pages. And this information transfer does not last forever. This period continues for the duration of the session refreshed. There is no need for the session to expire, only to expire this specified session duration. If the user closes the window browser, the session will be terminated automatically. Or sessions may end because of problems that may occur on the server computer.

In the session, a lot of stored information about the user such as password, username, nickname, IP address, MAC address etc.. This system is generally used for shopping websites. This information belonging to the user’s basket can be kept in Session and moved between the pages within the site.


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