What is database, where is it used?

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The meaning of database is a collection of regular data.


So, in fact, many data on the web are stored in databases. Because this kind of data is related to each other and they are stored as stored data because you can reach them at any time you want. That’s why if a web programmer dealing with web design does not know what the database is, it can be really hard. Because the programmed sites cannot go beyond more than a design. It can only be boring to website programmers who are updating the site with just users who do only visiting the designed website without interacting.


For this reason, if you are thinking of being a programmer, you should definitely create a database and integrate the contents of your site with the interface you design.

Nobody expects you to be a database expert. Because database programming is an important area of expertise in the field of Computing. However, the programmer should at least know the database, how to be able to create it, how to be able to recognize the working logic in some ready-made portals, recognize it, install it onto the system, even saving it and store it in a different hosting area. The design of the database is really difficult in the broad sense. But you do not need to be a builder who has to build a database structure. You just need to fix mistakes, to set up relationships, or to do other operations, even if it seems complicated. On the contrary, it is simple. Just to know the user interface of a database software.

Microsoft-SQL-Server-Management.jpgAs a result, the database is a must in today’s web programming of a web programmer. You must somehow materialize this in your mind, and you have to know how this works and why you need it. Almost 85% of the data in interactive websites are stored in databases. Content, news, some design information, url links, etc. many information databases.

After this, your mind may come up with the following question;

  • We created the database. Are we going to open the database when we add all the news?

Nob, you will not. You will not even open it when you add it. You will only open the database when you are designing it. Opening the database with the help of the database interface is totally ignorant and amateur. You should edit the information composed with the help of the interfaces designed in the website. There are specific textbox which you used while composing a content(article, etc.)


Reference: www.microsoft.com

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