The easiest way of understanding visitor intent

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Over the last few years, search engines have evolved to take into account the visitor intent and their search experiences; it began to reward valuable and content that satisfied visitor expectations. If you want to be successful in SEO in the future and want to be shown at very first lines of search engines result pages, you should quickly discover the expectations of your visit and fully attract them. Let's quickly explore the intent of your visitors.

These can be divided into three main categories:

Navigational query: This is a kind of search to reach a specific website or page (for example Social website domain name types, or simply types Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). navigational query

Informational query: This is a search to get an answer to a direct problem, or research without a specific source on a specific topic based on getting information (For example: judo, origami etc.). informational query

Transactional query: A person who types gamer laptops may now want to buy one at the same time while searching he will understand the difference between gamer laptops and regular laptops. This is an example of the first transaction. For example, he does not know about the brands and keeps searching until finding proper ones, or a person can already know the brand of laptop that he intends to buy, in this case, he may be typing “MSI Gamer Laptops lowest price”. transactional query


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