The best Search Engines helping us to find anything on the internet

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Search engines are indisputable in terms of making life easier and one of the most important and influential elements is to make the world of internet easier for us. We will take a look at the most common search engines.

Yandex: Yandex is one of the new search engines about which we hear day by day. The founders were Russian who founded Yandex in 1996. Yandex earns revenue through the advertising system. It matches ads based on content with queries made by users.

Baidu: The virtual war between Google and the Chinese broke out in 2010 and led to the emergence of search engine Baidu. With the support of the Chinese government, Baidu succeeded to be the most important search engine in Asia, and although it is not an alternative for everyone, it is a serious alternative for the Asian market.  With e-mail, search engines, news feeds and social networking links, AOL is one of Google's biggest alternatives. This site's search engine is supported by Google and it is quite ambitious about content. One of the biggest competitors of the famous search engine is called This site looks Google considering its design. It is being used extensively around the world. Ask and get the answers. This site, which can be one of Google's biggest competitors in the near future, it has chosen an interesting name and symbol. This site, maybe very dubious with its duck logo and interesting name, but the image of the search results is changing its image quickly.

Sponsored Links : Microsoft has responded with a search engine called Bing. The most impressive feature of this site, developed by spending millions of dollars on the software giant, is the variable background system imitated by Google. While searching, you can use any picture you like on the search page's desktop.  While Google's founders were in the learning process, they presented simple and functional search engine ideas to Yahoo. However, Yahoo, one of the biggest internet powers at the time, did not accept the offer of these young people. But now they are both successful. Google has a simple and pure interface, but Yahoo has a lively one. The best search engine which everyone knows. With the knowledge graph, it help us while searching. It offers me the related additional results. When you are typing a painter's name who lives in the Renaissance, it shows me also other paintings who live in the Renaissance. 

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