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SEO has different strategies to be done. One of them is a technical process and therefore it influences important technical options. In my case, it can be in your favor to use a CMS (Content Management System). for a dynamic website. To understand CMS, you may want to read quickly the article “What is CMS”.

  • rel=”canonical”: If you have two same content and you have to publish both for some reasons. Search engines do not like the duplicate content. That is why you need to add this code to URL which refers the original content.  

For example: < link rel=”canonical” href=”” / > To understang this code canonical, you may simply read the article “What is canonical label?

ID sessions: A CMS can track users. When you sign up on the website, the same content will be shown with a different URL. Search envies also do not like that. To solve this problem you can change your CMS settings or you can use rel=”canonical” code again. To understand ID Sessions, you may read the article “What is ID the session?

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  • Flash or complete picture menu: Search engines can only read not see. That’s why when you have flash or text made by the only picture, your menu is unreadable to search engines. It is the best way to build a menu which is made by codes or texts. Considering the search engines, the menu below is not readable as titles.

Flash Menu

  • Temporary 302 redirects: 302 redirects can be sometimes a content blocker that a search engine does not recognize. The content that you are looking for has been permanently moved and can be very problematic for SEO. Make sure the redirect system of your CMS is 301 moved completely instead of 302 temporary. Here is a controller for Yoast Seo Plugin on WordPress.


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