How people surfing on the internet search

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The main purpose of a human researcher is to acquire knowledge about a particular group of clusters. User interactions with search engines is generally a multilevel process.  The user search session is shown by a picture below. Search Process

We generally use the term of Query which is keywords and or phrases entered in a search box. In this query process, the user performs five searches within 55 + minutes before making a final decision. The user is clearly trying to solve a problem and is working on it in terms of fashionable and economic until the mission completed. At first, he probably did not find what he was looking for and then he tried to search “discount”. As you can see, he finally decided to buy a Cat watch. 

The next example of a call session starts with a navigational search. To understand detailly, you may want to read article “Understanding visitor intent”. That is the user only wants to find his travel website on The user is a bit long staying here, then looking at all-inclusive vacation packages in Cancun. Afterwards, he searches in some special holiday villages and finally settles down in Cancun. After booking Riviera Maya Hotel, he searches some activities over there. Navigational Search


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