Flight cancelations due to the winter storms

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Fierce winter storms have hit much of the US East Coast due to freezing temperatures, snow, strong winds and coastal sellers, resulting in the cancellation of thousands of flights and the circumsitance of power outages.

As a result of the storm, at least a dozen people died and brought extreme cold winds of up to 70 mph (115 km / h) as they moved north to the Atlantic coast of this storm.

The weather forecasters described the storm as a “bomb cyclone” because the atmospheric pressure dropped unusually fast and triggered hurricane-like conditions. US meteorologist Ryan Maue described it as “one of the fastest-condensing non-tropical storms in historical analysis.”

The storm threatened to reached 17-18 inches from Carolinas to Maine Snow. The Forecasters were waiting for a cold explosion just after the weekend, breaking records in more than two dozen cities and causing little wind at -40 ° C (-40 ° C) this weekend.

The storm is expected to decline on Saturday morning, but a low-temperature will remain in most of the eastern US. Dan Peterson, a weather forecaster at the National Weather Service, said low temperatures at dawn on Sunday have been estimated for 28 major cities in New England, eastern New York and the mid-Atlantic states.

The rising snow in New York cause to be shut down schools in the city and spread hundreds of salt-spattering through frozen streets.

The storm brought snowfall to Tallahassee in Florida, snow in South Georgia during the first 28 years and several schools in Georgia were closed.

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