Duty of Search Engines Making Our Lives Easier

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Users are free to use different search engines that are available to find what they are looking for. Users go to the search engine and get the answers they want. And they want to find the most relevant and the newest results in a fast way. In this sense, we can say that the search engines show the most propitiate results as soon as possible. Therefore, search engines save time and energy.

How they make money

Search engines mainly profit from paid advertising. The majority percentage of this revenue arises from the pay-per-click model. Advertisers only pay when users click on their ads. For example, you give an advertisement for your website which is about SEO.

The sample of an ad 
When a user types a Search engine Optimizations, your ad will be shown on top or somewhere close to the top. That is what we called “Ad”.

How they work

The Search engines are taking this issue very seriously. If the users do not find what they seek for, in other words, if your website is non-relevant to SEO and the users coming from the Search engines are not staying on your website for a moment, your website can be considered as spam or irrelevant. And your deal about Advertising can be over.

Quick advice: the website must be relevant to the content and do not have frustrating things (spam etc.) on your website.

Accordingly, the search engines look your page from the user’s point of view.



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